Choosing Life and Deuteronomy 30

As a teenager, Reha chose life for her unborn child. Though young and alone, Reha bravely faced social stigma by completing her pregnancy as a single mom. “This day I call the heavens and the earth as witnesses against you that I have set before you life and death,...

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Jesus Who?… The Barriers to Knowing Him

At a roadside café in Nepal, a university-educated, Nepali man asked, “Jesus? No, never heard of him. What does that God do?” How can an educated man not know who Jesus is? It’s quite easy. Over 2 billion people on earth have had no exposure to Jesus Christ. 86% of...

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Triangular Forgiveness

How can an ancient sacrifice impact you today? For the following illustration you will need to use your mind’s visual imagination. In the days of Moses, during the first Passover in Egypt, the Israelites spread the blood of a lamb on three parts of the door frame –...

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Risk Marks the Christmas Story

On Christmas Eve, we sat around our lit Advent wreath and asked our kids this question, “How does each character in the Christmas story take a risk?” Though our older kids are only 7 and 9, they were able to identify risk with each and every character. Here are just a...

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