Broken relationships between men and women exist in every society throughout the world.
But Jesus, through His crucifixion and resurrection, can redeem and restore these relationships.
Relationships between men and women shattered in Genesis 3 at the Fall.
Thus, this spiritual stronghold has been building for thousands of years.

In a series of short blogs, we identity and examine some of these spiritual strongholds that need to be subdued
in order for men and women to relate in a way that honors both God and one another.

God designed sex.

God had the amazing idea to create people with bodies – male and female. Every part of the human body and mind, the senses and chemicals and emotions sprang from the heart of a generous God. Just think about the creativity of God to come up with the design of the male and female human body (out of literally nothing). And with it came the blessings of oneness, and pleasure, and children. We should all pause and give thanks to God!

The stronghold of God-honoring sex should be a positive image in our minds as reserved for our spouse and holy in the sight of God. Think about it… the “stronghold” of sex is a gift from God to men and women. A “strong…hold” is a protection, a fortress that keeps our most precious things safe and keeps away our enemies. God designed the stronghold of sex as a massive, godly hug/embrace/hold. Within God’s boundaries, we and our loved ones are kept safe.

God’s ideal plan, seen in Genesis 1-2, is one man and one woman for life. God could have come up with other options (he came up with all kinds of crazy and creative animals, and body systems, and the water cycle, and interplanetary motion, and the spinning of electrons!). But God designed male and female specifically for one another.

Not only was God’s stronghold of sex a defensive structure for protection, but it was also meant for offense! God had the great idea for people to physically “be fruitful and multiply.” Men and women were intended to fill the earth, subdue it, and rule over it. That seems to be a clear goal, starting with an offensive strategy. (This offensive strategy also comes to us in the New Testament as the Great Commission where we are commanded to “make disciples of all nations,” and it obviously includes all people (unmarried, widowed, adopting families) who multiply disciples!)

Did you know that purity, faithfulness, and personal holiness are spiritual weapons? They are! Use them well!

Because sex originated from the beautiful mind of God and because sex is such a powerful force of unity and life and protection, the enemy seeks to control, steal, kill, and destroy this stronghold. Satan hates all people (including you), and he wants to rip out your defense and offense. Satan wants to own the stronghold of sex.

The enemy distorts God’s clear standards. So, whether gradual or violent, the enemy will connive and entice. He will steal and flaunt. He will suggest and rationalize other pleasing options. And of course, he lies and deceives all along the way.

Jesus knew the ultimate godly reference point for male/female relationships. In Matthew 19, Jesus was asked a question about marriage. The question was meant to trap Him. But Jesus, oh, how he knew God’s heart and God’s Word! He pointed out to the religious leaders and to his followers that the current situation of divorce was NOT God’s plan. He said, “Haven’t you read that at the beginning the Creator made them male and female.” He reminded them “It is written…” which is how Jesus typically battled opposing sinful worldviews. Later Jesus repeated, “but it was not this way in the beginning.” Jesus was saying, “Keep your eye on the ball! Keep God’s standards in sight, and do not accept the current reality as God’s plan.”

Sadly, today, the statistics of Christian men and women (and Christian leaders) looking at pornography is close to the rates of non-Christians. Christian rates of pre-marital sex, extra-marital sex, living with boyfriends/girlfriends, and a whole host of other immoral actions is almost equal when comparing Christians and non-Christians. Our unholy lifestyles must break the heart of our holy God who gave us this gift we choose to distort! We appeal to you brothers and sisters – Honor the Creator!

How can we overcome this stronghold of the enemy? What can we do amid the constant drip, drip of cultural decay? How can we fight the onslaught of overt sexual attack?

  1. Never give the enemy the right to own something as powerful and beautiful as the drive for sex.
  2. Remember, “It is written…” and speak it aloud.
  3. Surround yourself with real community and personal accountability.
  4. Never give up. If you fail, get back up and get involved. The Bible is full of sinful people that made an impact for God.
  5. Develop a huge worldview of outward action and focus on God’s mission, which helps in overcoming self-focused desires.
  6. Stick with the “Sister Model” or the “Brother Model.”
    The Apostle Paul said to Timothy, “Treat younger men as brothers, older women as mothers, and younger women as sisters, with absolute purity” 1 Timothy 5:1-2.
    The “Sister Model” and “Brother Model” answer so many questions.
    How should you treat and view women? Like your sister.
    How should you treat and view men? Like your brother.
    Take some time and expand the thoughts, “Treat her like your sister.” “Treat him like your brother.”

The enemy wants all people to disobey God’s holy standards. Discouraged and distracted and addicted Christians equals:

  • Powerless Christians
  • Fewer harvesters
  • No tectonic shifting
  • No mountains move
  • The Fallen world remains ignorant of God’s beautiful kingdom!

Pray that those involved in multiplying men and women for the Great Commission will live with holiness, faithfulness, and purity. May the mountains of LUST, IMMORALITY, and IMPURITY be moved, in Jesus’ name!


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