people have never heard of Jesus.

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At a roadside café in Nepal, a university-educated, Nepali man asked, “Jesus? No, never heard of him. What does that God do?” How can an educated...

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Welcome to the Live It Out podcast!  Praise God with us that we found a good house in Thailand. Praise God for the critical medical care our family...


of poverty
of thirst
of slavery
of abuse
of illiteracy
of exploitation
of hunger
of spiritual darkness
of violence
of injustice
of shame
of hopelessness
without Jesus?

Yet, 86% of the world’s Muslims, Hindus, and Buddhists have never met a Christian. Most reside in the 10/40 Window.

Watch the following video to learn about “Two Windows”:

Until All Know

We are 10/40 Connections, and we believe every people group should have an opportunity to hear and experience Jesus. Jesus – the God of hope.

We won’t stop dreaming and acting, until all know.

Our Mission

We cast hope to unreached peoples so that they hear, experience and multiply the Good News of Jesus. We do so by connecting the Body of Christ, equipping believers, and engaging the unreached.


Together we can accomplish more.
10/40 works with believers from
different nations and generations,
churches from many denominations,
and both men and women
to display unity in a fragmented world.


10/40’s biblical teaching,
life-on-life mentoring,
and relevant curricula
enable us to mobilize and equip
believers to impact culture
both locally and globally.


Jesus’ two-handed Gospel involved
teaching and meeting tangible needs.
10/40 proclaims Truth while addressing
real needs of humanity. Jesus cares
for the whole person. So for us, that settles it.
As God’s people, we should too.

10/40 connects, equips and engages in the following ways:

at risk new   biblical justice   grassroots church planting   relevant new   strategic collaboration


The task of sharing the Good News to all people groups is TOO large for anyone to attempt alone. We are one of many groups and churches seeking to complete the Great Commission.

We are daily encouraged by those who join hands with us to cast hope to the least reached.

Let’s cast hope together. Until all know.

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