“Study to show yourself approved unto God…rightly dividing the word of truth.”

2 Timothy 2:15

10/40’s biblical teaching, life-on-life mentoring, and relevant curricula enable us to mobilize and equip believers to bless their communities and impact their cultures. Stay tuned as we place more resources on this page to help you make a difference.

Written Resources

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Pursuing Partnership: Moving Mountains of Strongholds
It’s a battle out there and territory remains under attack! God wants to increase laborers for his harvest, while the enemy want to immobilize and distract the Church. In this brief eBook, we invite you to grapple with 12 strongholds impacting men and women. Jesus came to destroy the works of the devil. Let’s join him! 


Run With It: One-Page Insights to Launch Men and Women Serving Shoulder-to-Shoulder for the Gospel
God’s intends for the whole Church to engage in his great mission. Yet a few verse in the Bible seem to imply that only SOME of God’s children can be involved. if you want to multiply your leaders, read on and … run with it! View the whole curriculum with videos on Serving Shoulder to Shoulder.


Sharpen the Sword: Preparing a Child’s Heart, Mind and Spirit for Action
Equip the children in your networks to handle God’s Word with passion, precision, and care. Equip them to intercede for the nations. This valuable tool will help you build into the next generation as you shape their hearts to look like Jesus – full of grace and truth. Includes step-by-step instructions for starting Bible Drill, concerts of prayer, and more.



Five Biblical Commands for Men and Women Partnering in the Gospel:
Godly Benefits and Demonic Devastations

“Crack! The left pedal broke off a rented bicycle in Kunming, China, halfway through our prayer-biking tour. Our frustrated teammate slowly and painfully rode back to the hotel. All the way, his left leg dangled uselessly, while his exhausted right leg pedaled like crazy…” Read more at Lausanne Global Analysis.


面子 & 其他的: 亚洲无神论者的好消息
If you are from Asian background and believe in atheism, this is the eBook for you!  We wrote 面子 & 其他的 so you could understand that some of life’s most thought-provoking questions have solid and powerful answers. Know that God exists and he wants you and your family to experience his peace, joy, and harmony. 



Saving Face and All the Rest: Sharing the Gospel with Asian Atheists
The great majority of East Asians believe that, “because man came from monkeys, God does not exist.” We wrote this eBook, Saving Face and All the Rest so you could know how to bring thought-provoking questions to the mind of your atheistic background friend. These facts, truths, and real-life conversations can offer you a roadmap to understanding how to share the love of God with your friends.


Love the Pre-Born and the Mother: Christians’ Responsibility to Extend God’s Culture of Life
Most Christians know that babies living inside their moms deserve a chance to live. God is the Creator and Source of all life. But how can we talk about this politically-charged, life-and-death issue clearly and simply? Better yet, what can we DO to show that we truly value the life that God gives? How can we Love the Pre-Born and the Mother? Read on!


Answers and Honor: Keys to Unlock the Muslim Heart
Because Muslims live with an honor/shame worldview, they want to preserve the honor of their family, their name, and their culture. We wrote this eBook, Answers & Honor, so you could know how to answer some of the basic questions your Muslim friend may raise concerning Christian belief and practice.


Open Your Eyes
What are the most pressing global issues? Who are the remaining unreached people groups? What scriptures reveal God’s heart for all nations? This 40-day prayer guide sheds light on these questions for individuals, families, or groups that want to lift up their vision and see the world a little differently.


Partnership of Males and Females in the New Global Equilibrium – Lausanne multiplex paper (2010)
Partnership of Males and Females in the New Global Equilibrium – Lausanne multiplex paper (Mandarin translation)
Kingdom Leadership Principles – Leslie Doctoral Abstract
Kingdom Leadership Principles: Multiplying God’s Laborers to Complete God’s Mission – Leslie Doctoral Dissertation
Different and Equal: Christian and Muslim Perspectives on the Husband-Wife Relationship – Chad Doctoral Abstract
Pray for Outward Focused Kids pdf

Coming Soon

Engaged – Multiplying God’s Laborers for God’s Mission – DVD Series to increase male-female co-workers
God’s Global Purpose… And Your Place in It – Semester-long course addressing issues related to God’s Mission


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Jesus said, "Pray the Lord to send out laborers, for the harvest is plentiful, but he workers are few." That is the mission of 10/40 Connections – to follow the example of Jesus by connecting the body of Christ, equipping believers, and engaging the least reached.

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