Do you want to flavor the world with the way you live your life?
Do you hope to engage the world in love but at the same time season it with salt?

Live It Out! examines current day issues through the lens of the Bible. It will help you reflect biblically and act accordingly. It will turn your heart to God and open your eyes to the world. This 10/40 podcast, hosted by co-directors Chad and Leslie, will post new content each Friday. Join us!

** We are glad to be back (now broadcasting from our home in Thailand) with new episodes of Live it Out! Thank you so much for tuning in and living it out. **

LIO – 26 Spiritual Warfare 4


Welcome back to Part 4 in our series on Spiritual Warfare! 

  • In this episode we share a strange/interesting spiritual warfare story from a few years back, and learn about “spiritually cleaning” a house or hotel room.
  • We dig into the spiritual armor, discussing how each piece provides both offensive and defensive power. And we consider how Jesus Himself is the full armor!
  • Pray with us for Christian unity as we all seek to “stand” for Jesus.

What do you think about the spiritual armor as both offensive and defensive? Do you like having more weapons?


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