Do you want to flavor the world with the way you live your life?
Do you hope to engage the world in love but at the same time season it with salt?

Live It Out! examines current day issues through the lens of the Bible. It will help you reflect biblically and act accordingly. It will turn your heart to God and open your eyes to the world. This 10/40 podcast, hosted by co-directors Chad and Leslie, will post new content each Friday. Join us!

** We hope you enjoy these first 10 episodes of Live it Out! For the next few weeks we will be postponing new episodes until we settle into our new home in Thailand!
Visas, packing, church partners, and travel schedules require some focus at this time. Thanks so much for tuning in and living it out. We’ll be back soon! **

010 Who Is Prophet, Priest, and King? – Father’s Day

Welcome to the Live It Out podcast! 

  • Praise God with us that we found a good house in Thailand. Praise God for the critical medical care our family needed and received.
  • As we look to celebrate Father’s Day, Leslie attempts to stump Chad with deep and interesting questions about what it means to be a father. What is the highest calling of a man? How do you see yourself as prophet, priest, and king in our home? (The answers may surprise you. But then again if you know us, you may not be surprised!)
  • Pray with us for the Lahu of Thailand. There are 100,000 in Thailand and 700,000 in China and other nations. This people group had waited for centuries to receive the Good News, and they responded powerfully to Christ. May the Lahu Church continue to grow in their mission heart for the least reached.