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Live It Out! examines current day issues through the lens of the Bible. It will help you reflect biblically and act accordingly. It will turn your heart to God and open your eyes to the world. This 10/40 podcast, hosted by co-directors Chad and Leslie, will post new content each Friday. Join us!

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021 Love Them Both – History of PPFA


Welcome to the Live It Out podcast!

  • Join us in the fourth episode in the Love Them Both series, which focuses on the pre-born and the mother.
  • Consider with us the origins of Planned Parenthood and the heart of its founder Margaret Sanger. This brief session shows how the fruit links to the root, as Sanger’s beliefs on eugenics promoted the elimination of minority populations. 
  • Pray with us for the International Planned Parenthood Federation. As an organization they are responsible for over 1 million abortions around the globe each year. This makes them the 4th largest source of abortion in the world (after China, the U.S., and Russia).