10/40 provides them the foundation of a Christian education and a merit-based scholarship.

Support a high school girl’s education for a $59/month or $708/year.
Support a college girl’s education for $1,900 a year.

Suggested Donation: $150
Share in the Cost: $59

“Growing up with my sisters (in the Arise Home) has been a great blessing. I thank Jesus for rescuing me in so many ways. During COVID, we took the chance to have nightly Bible Study and prayer time. That was so fun. Now we are happy to be back in school. Some of the older sisters are learning vocational skills and nine of them, I think, are becoming
nurses. I want to be a teacher someday and help children from backgrounds like my own.”
– Elishiba, rising 12th grader

10/40 supports the girls (ages 15-22) of the Arise Home – 5 reside there, while 20 have graduated and now study in college or vocational schools. Rescued from bad situations, these young ladies now thrive.

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10/40 Connections is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization.