Sink a Tube Well

Recommended Price $884.00

“I ask God to bless those who donated money for the water well. The old water source was very far from here, and people had to travel a long way which would kill their time and took lot of effort. This new water well is close by and provides us clean and sweet drinking water.” – Indian villager

Installing a bore well for $884 can be hard and muddy work, but it gives clean water access to villages of 500-1,000 people. Village leaders gladly open doors for the respected church planters who then share about the “living water” of Jesus.

* This year we hope to install 12 more water wells.

Suggested Donation: $884
Share in the Cost: $221


Recommended Price $884.00

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Want to honor your friends and family and make a difference among the least reached? 

Use our Joy to the World Honor Cards when you give to this project!


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