Equip Church Planting Leaders

Recommended Price $1,000.00

Develop Church Planting Leaders

“Last year we found one tough region that repeatedly kicked out Christian evangelists. This past year we thought, ‘Let’s meet their needs,’ so we installed 2 bore wells and also we gave them the Voice for the Voiceless curriculum. The people saw the tangible love of Jesus, and now we have planted MANY groups in that area.” – Golu, Indian church planter

Help us equip these disciple-makers working in tough situations among the least reached. Why not gain an inheritance among the least reached by equipping an entire batch of church planters? Meeting felt needs can open hearts. Jesus said, “It is not healthy who need a doctor, but the sick.” Luke 5:31

* The cost of a one-week “batch” of training is $1,900.
* The cost of equipping one church planter for a year is $100.
* This year we hope to equip 500 more planters.

Suggested Donation: $1,000
Share in the Cost: $100


Recommended Price $1,000.00


Want to honor your friends and family and make a difference among the least reached?

Use our Joy to the World Honor Cards when you give to this project!


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