Feed a family for 2 weeks = $22
Feed a village of 100 families = $2,200
Mosquito nets = $20/family
Mosquito nets for a village of 100 families = $2,000

Suggested Donation: $200
Share in the Cost: $20

Highest flood levels in recorded history! Imagine watching your house made of mud bricks wash away along with all of your family’s possessions. Suddenly you and your children have no home, no food, and only the clothes on your back. Your entire village faces the same desperate situation. What will you do?

Recent flooding in Pakistan put one-third of the nation underwater. Over 33 million people became instantly homeless. Water-borne disease is rising and mosquitos are causing malaria outbreaks. Emergency food relief remains a high priority. So much devastation.
10/40’s relief project feeds hungry families and gives hope for the future. Mosquito nets protect from bites while sleeping. Provide a family with a large food packet that includes: Rice, Lentils, Salt, Tea, Flour, Potatoes, Masala, Medicine.

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