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“Inspiring! Heart-piercing! Romantic! Courageous! Do not read this book if you are unwilling to be challenged, inspired, disturbed, and soundly motivated.”

– Kent Parks, president of Beyond, co-facilitator of Ethne Global UPG Initiative, Lausanne catalyst for Least Reached Peoples
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“This book calls us to radical engagement and courageous interaction with a world that has lost its way.”

– David Claydon, former Lausanne International Director, Australia
– Robyn Claydon, former Lausanne Senior Associate for Women in World Evangelization, Australia
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“Engaged in Love and War is a hope-filled reminder that God is on the move to reclaim the world he loves and that his preferred method of getting things done is through us. The Segraves have done us all a big favor by sounding the alarm, pointing the way forward, and inspiring us to engage our world with courageous love, hope, and the gospel of Jesus.”

– Carolyn Custis James, author of Malestrom: Manhood Swept into the Currents of a Changing World
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“Engaged in Love and War will challenge you to grow deep in your love for Jesus so that you will go far into the world with risk-taking faith in the face of personal and global challenges. Through personal stories of the globally-engaging life that they are living, Leslie and Chad will help you, your family, your small group, and your church to impact the world for Jesus’ sake.”

– Paul Borthwick, author of Great Commission, Great Compassion
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“I heartily recommend Engaged in Love and War as a valuable resource for all churches and Christians interested in reaching out to the most marginalized in our world today.”

– Doug Dortch, pastor at Mountain Brook Baptist Church, Birmingham, AL
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Engaging with Christ in love and war requires both commitment and courage.






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In this difficult world what is your tendency? Pull in and protect? or push outward and engage the world?






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FIVE BILLION people wait for those WHO KNOW CHRIST to realize they have the HOPE to offer the world.






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