You all have heard for years about the growth and expansion of 10/40’s house ch. planting across a nation with limited access. Hope you enjoy a little deeper understanding of some praises and trials over the last few months. See if you notice biblical parallels before reading the end of the article.

Amazing Results
Our heart is to see ch. planting movements impact the most remote areas of the world, fulfilling Matthew 24:14. We praise God that 10/40 has been able to equip leaders in over 70 least reached people groups. We just completed a longitudinal study of house ch. multiplication based on streams, generations, and locations. (Contact us if you are interested to know more! We love to talk about this stuff!) God has brought some incredible fruit even in a persecuted context, but would it last through a pandemic?

Celebration After Lockdown
2020’s lockdown threatened many areas of ministry. A large % of our ch. planters had to relocate back to their home village when their work shut down. But house chs. are resilient, and the vast majority remained strong, prospered, and never closed (How would you even close a house? It is a powerful, multi-season model!)

So, this past January we got official permission to gather groups up to 100, which meant that trainings could commence! The first week of February the training center was packed with excited planters, so ready to see each other. Lots of hugging and dancing and praising Jesus! Honestly, we were quite relieved that the planters were excited. We kind of wondered, “Have groups fallen off? Is this cp stuff really a felt need? Are these wonderful results just our imagination?” Not at all! The planters came ready to learn, and testify, and set new goals for the year.

Personal Health Attack
Of course, we know that the enemy hates 10/40’s ch. planter trainings. But in January we saw a tangible example. Our key leader (M), for no reason, was infected with terrible boils on her head. As a result, she had to shave her head, and she could wear no scarf nor hat. Rejecting shame in public at the constant glances, M now boldly wears her 1cm haircut. As she stood to teach, many cp leaders blessed and encouraged her. This personal attack of boils confirmed the enemy’s hatred, and also the rightness of our direction – opposing him.

Natural Disaster and Death
Then more strangeness. During the first training of 2021 from 7-11 Feb, a Himalayan glacier in N. India shifted, cracked two hydroelectric dams, caused massive flooding/mudslides, and buried multiple villages. 7 of our ch. planting families (28-32 members) lost their lives. So, our first local training was cut short as half the group rushed back home to check on their families. Many lost all their possessions, their homes, and loved ones. Watch a devastating video here

Perseverance and Overcoming
Such a devastating attack on some of our most faithful leaders lives could cause them to shrink back. But no. Into this deep pain, our cp training network rallied to help these families in their grief and loss. Other leaders are stepping in to fill the gaps left by the deaths of ch. planting veterans, some of our most faithful and fruitful long-term planters. This loss is terrible and painful, and we cannot replace them. But others are rising up to multiply and continue planting in their honor.

This month we will equip 250 planters in other areas. They will gather with celebration and excitement for the task remaining. Our main trainer still has minimal hair. And every planter carries a sober realization that the enemy hates this work intensely. We now pray for an even greater harvest, more leaders, more chs., more people groups, and more movements to spring up. We pray that “the Lord bless[es] the latter part… more than the former part” with an amazing inheritance for both women and men as bold planters bear much lasting fruit with Jesus.

So Now What?
1. Please pray for the families who lost loved ones in the flooding and mudslide.
2. Please pray for the boils on our key national leader to vanish!
3. Please pray for more fruit, more reach, more movement!
4. Learn about 10/40’s Grassroots Leadership Development and CP Training.
5. Consider a donation to extend the reach and impact of our CP Training.

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