Do you want to know that you stood on the right side of history for both the pre-born and women? 

Where do you start when sharing about God’s Culture of Life?
Start here!

How can you be pro-women and pro-baby? It’s possible and 10/40 Connections would love to show you how because WE stand for women and the unborn. We stand against exploitation. We stand for biblical justice that begins in the womb!

The great majority of Christians know that babies living inside their moms deserve a chance to live. God is the Creator and Source of all life, but how can we talk about this politically charged issue clearly and simply? Better yet, what can we DO to show that we truly value the life that God gives?

We wrote this eBook, Love the Pre-Born and the Mother, so you could begin to have a ready answer for skeptics and a logical framework to begin a discussion. For some of you, you only need to know that “answers exist somewhere” and this can be for you a good jumping off point if and when you need to research.

While this brief book only scratches the surface of a large topic, the simple truths, the historical facts, the biblical foundation, and the resource links can offer you a road map to understanding how to share and show the love of God with your friends on issues of life and death. It’s time to rise and recapture the very foundation of our Christian message – LIFE!

What FOUR-letter acronym can help clarify the issue?
How can your church become a haven of hope to the vulnerable?
Read on to discover how to love the pre-born and the mother.

Download the pdf eBook here!

*If this eBook blesses you and helps grow your understanding and faith, please consider making a donation toward 10/40 Connections so we can continue providing resources and serving among the least reached people groups. Thank you!

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Jesus said, "Pray the Lord to send out laborers, for the harvest is plentiful, but he workers are few." That is the mission of 10/40 Connections – to follow the example of Jesus by connecting the body of Christ, equipping believers, and engaging the least reached.

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10/40 Connections is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization.