“The wicked hunt down the poor… Arise, O Lord, forget not the afflicted.”

Psalm 10:2, 12

traffickstop 1A staggering number of Nepali prostitutes line the streets of India’s red light districts. Around 15,000 per year are trafficked from Nepal into India. Most live the rest of their days in brothels.

TraffickStop seeks to stop the trafficking of women by promoting prevention, recovery and rehabilitation. We extend justice and hope in the name of Jesus.


The TraffickStop Initiative:

  • traffickstop 2Operates front-line surveillance centers to rescue and counsel victims.
  • Supports tailoring/literacy centers to prevent the trafficking of high-risk women.
  • Starts recovery homes to provide protection and biblical counseling.
  • Launches economic initiatives to create reputable work also creating self-sustaining border operations.
  • Performs street dramas to increase trafficking awareness among at-risk women and girls.

Many young women are meeting Jesus, learning skills, healing emotionally, and living now as change agents in their surrounding culture. Meet Anisha, one young woman changed through the TraffickStop Initiative.

Exponential Hope – Anisha K.

traffickstop 3Anisha K.* was rescued recently from a southern border of Nepal. Anisha is 16 years old and from a very poor family. Her father married another woman and moved away from the village, so Anisha’s mother raised her alone. A woman passing through her village offered to take Anisha to Mumbai for a good job. Due to the poverty surrounding her, Anisha took the job offer.

When they arrived at the border, Anisha answered all the border workers’ questions without hesitation. Yet, surveillance staff felt she was “hypnotized” or put under “some kind of influence.” They brought her to the counseling office and counseled her more. There she expressed a desire to go to the recovery home. But even after she arrived, “she didn’t tell us the truth.” The traffickers had given Anisha a cell phone which she hid. The traffickers remained in contact with her seeking to control her mind.

One morning, the house mother discovered Anisha gone. She pursued her and miraculously found her at the bus terminal. The house mother told her, “Anisha, I love you because Jesus loves you. I want to help you. Jesus has now rescued you twice.” The house mother brought her back to the office where she received more counseling. There she burst into tears and told them her real name and her true story. She said, “Everyone here has loved me and cared for me so much, even though I tried to run away.” Anisha was amazed that “they found me and brought me back and took care of me.” Anisha is now doing very well. She will remain at the safe home for 10 months total and will receive Biblical counseling and vocational training as a seamstress before returning to her village.

After gaining jobs skills, she will return back to her village and be able to resist future enticements of strangers, through her renewed self-confidence and the power of the Holy Spirit.

*name changed

Safe House/Recovery Home/Vocational Training Center… Completed!

One of the blessings and hardships of rescue is community living! Most landlords do not want to rent to such a high-risk group and neighbors are always suspicious. Therefore back in 2016, thanks to many generous donors, 10/40 purchased land for a new recovery home. In 2018 this home was completed (Praise God!) The Home/Safehouse/Training Center is now running at full capacity and is fully funded without 10/40’s ongoing resources. Every month, new ladies are rescued and equipped in the multi-storiy home with a capacity for 30 young ladies. We love to see sustainable projects completed! 


Join the fight to stop modern-day slavery:

Pray: For the women trafficked and rescued. Here is a 40-day prayer guide for women who have been trafficked.

Mobilize: Host a 10/40 Connections speaker at your church or business.traffickstop 5

Give: Opportunities abound to connect with God’s heart to restore honor to women who have been oppressed.
  • $100 provides a sewing machine, which economically empowers women.
  • $600 funds a surveillance center for a month.
  • $9,500 funds a surveillance center and tailoring center for a year.
  • $5,000 helps complete the discipleship curriculum and host a conference for rescued/returned women.

Go: Short-term trips are arranged periodically. Individuals with counseling experience are especially desirable. Contact us if you or your church is interested. 

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Jesus said, "Pray the Lord to send out laborers, for the harvest is plentiful, but he workers are few." That is the mission of 10/40 Connections – to follow the example of Jesus by connecting the body of Christ, equipping believers, and engaging the least reached.

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