Construct a New School for Hundreds of Children

Recommended Price $1,500.00

Education opens doors of great opportunity for children, for families, and for the whole community. In 2019 we will partner with local Christians to construct a school where none currently exists!

This school will provide the gift of education to around 750 students in grades K-12. It will also offer the chance for teachers to build relationships in 50 nearby villages. The school is scheduled to be fully self-sustaining through tuition payments from day one. Initial land purchase and all legal fees have come 100% from local people. Help complete this construction and transform an entire community.

Amount Needed: $150,000
Suggested Donation: $1,500


Recommended Price $1,500.00

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Want to honor your friends and family and make a difference among the least reached? 

Use our Joy to the World Honor Cards when you give to this project!


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