Business Start-ups for Sustaining

Last year 42 million babies lost their lives to abortion. This annual genocide requires a unified, prayerful, and tangible response from Christian leaders.


In January 2020, 10/40 will host the first Life Voices Coalition, a gathering of national-level pro-life leaders from many Asian countries. Abortion is not only a personal and social issue. It is also a deeply spiritual issue, and Christians have the opportunity to spread Jesus’ culture of life.

We need your prayers as we seek to turn the tide that is sweeping away lives every day.

* 10/40’s cost for this global gathering will be $5,000. This covers housing, food, and local transportation costs for all attendees.

Amount Needed: $5,000

Share in the Cost: $50


Recommended Price $1,500.00

Care for Chinese Orphans

Some areas of China have limited medical care, so some families unable to care for their special needs children give them for adoption.


We praise God that through these babies could have been aborted, now they can find their forever families!

10/40 partners with a children’s home in one area that cares for dozens of orphans and places them in loving forever families. Caring for Chinese orphans helps the church in many areas show their true social benefit.

* One month of care and medicine for a sick child costs $25.

Suggested Donation: $100

Share in the Cost: $25



Recommended Price $100.00

Equip Church Planting Leaders

“Last year we found one tough region that repeatedly kicked out Christian evangelists. This past year we thought, ‘Let’s meet their needs,’ 


so we installed 2 bore wells and also we gave them the Voice for the Voiceless curriculum.

The people saw the tangible love of Jesus, and now we have planted MANY groups in that area.” – Golu, Indian church planter

Help us equip these disciple-makers working in tough situations among the least reached. Why not gain an inheritance among the least reached by equipping an entire batch of church planters? Meeting felt needs can open hearts. Jesus said, “It is not healthy who need a doctor, but the sick.” Luke 5:31

* The cost of a one-week “batch” of training is $1,900.

* The cost of equipping one church planter for a year is $100.

* This year we hope to equip 500 more planters.

Suggested Donation: $1,000

Share in the Cost: $100


Recommended Price $1,500.00

Help Launch the “Life Voices Coalition”

Jumpstart a Business to Sustain
Keep it going! Are you a self-starter, an entrepreneur, a calculated risk-taker?


Small business startups have proven to be powerful wealth-building engines. The same holds true for sustaining ministries through lean times. Help key church planting leaders sustain their families. Help church planting networks sustain their momentum.

Whether it’s starting a food cart, a fast-food business, a tomato farm, or an ambulance business why not jumpstart a ministry so that it becomes 100% sustained by local resources in a very short time.

* An ambulance business costs $22,000 (breaks even after 20 months)

* A food cart business costs $1,500 (breaks even after 6 months)

* A tomato farm costs $3,000 (breaks even after 12 months)

Amount Needed: $22,000Share in the Cost: $1,500


Recommended Price $5,000.00

Jumpstart a School / Feed a Child

Many children in the slums of urban India live in serious deprivation, with little access to education, medicine, and healthy food. ​


For $11.00 a month ($132/year), a child can receive a hot mid-day meal, medical check-ups, pre-primary education, and spiritual input. As Christian teachers meet the children’s needs, they also share the good news with parents and as a result, the teachers start many groups that help sustain the school.

* One school for one year costs $4,000 and includes one teacher, one assistant teacher, daily meals for 30 children, school supplies, facility rental, and medical check-ups.

Suggested Donation: $11


Recommended Price $11.00

Medical Camps for Cataracts

Cataract camps in North India bring tangible benefits to the patients and open blind eyes. The gift of sight is a beautiful present!


“Last year over 200 people saw the doctors and 81 took surgery. Cataract surgeries open eyes and also homes and whole villages. It brings us great joy to follow up with patients in their homes, and they love to learn about Jesus. Thank you!”

– Bro. Ranji (conducts follow-up visits after the cataract camps).

* $65 covers the cost of one person’s cataract surgery, medicines, food and travel expense.

        Suggested Donation: $65


Recommended Price $65.00

Multiplying Chickens, Goats, and Buffalo

Bless with a buffalo! Champion a chicken! Give a goat!


Help support a church planter’s family with a small flock or herd. Meat, eggs, and milk sold at the local market help church planters develop an ongoing source of income. Help us multiply for sustainability!

* One egg-laying chicken costs $10.

* A pair of male/female goats cost $95.

* One milk-giving buffalo and calf costs $950.

Suggested Donation: $95


Recommended Price $95.00

Provide Sewing Machines

Help build friendships and skills through providing a sewing machine. In some villages, women rarely have a chance to socialize outside the home.​


Sewing class offers a chance not only to learn job skills and increase their family income but also to visit with other women in a safe environment. As we establish sewing centers, entire communities gain access to the Gospel.

*One sewing machine costs $100.

Suggested Donation: $100


Recommended Price $100.00

Reach More Villages at Greater Speed

Church planters need to reach more villages, and motorcycles meet the need perfectly. 


Good for highways or off-road, powerful for climbing hills, and useful in crossing rough terrain.

We currently need five of these cycles so our guys and gals can go further and faster to share with the least reached.

* A new motorcycle costs $800 (we need 5!)

Suggested Donation: $800

Share in the Cost: $80


Recommended Price $800.00

Rolling On! … Seminary on Wheels

In the heart of Pakistan, 10/40’s “Seminary on Wheels” reaches isolated Christian areas and equips them to engage the majority population. ​


With motorcycles and eight bold teachers (four men and four women), multiple communities now have access to the Gospel each week. Christians living in remote villages of Pakistan need literacy, leadership, and solid Bible training, and the Seminary on Wheels meets those needs.* Equipping 120 house church pastors for a year costs $6,000 ($50/mo).

Suggested Donation: $150


Recommended Price $150.00

Sink a Tube Well

“Our community fought so much over water. Recently different religions killed each other. This new water well has given us hope and relief and some peace. The water also does not taste like salty sulfur which was bad on teeth. Thank you.” – Indian villager​


Installing a bore well for $900 can be hard and muddy work, but it gives clean water access to villages of 500-1,000 people. Village leaders gladly open doors for the respected church planters who then share about the “living water” of Jesus.

* This year we hope to install 15 more water wells.

Suggested Donation: $900

Share in the Cost: $225


Recommended Price $900.00

Speak Up for the Voiceless

130 young women piled into the conference hall…afterwards, “I am so encouraged! After this VFV seminar I learned that baby girls and boys have the same value. I learned what foods are good to eat. I learned that we should protect our unborn, not hurt them. I learned that Jesus’s blood pays for all of our sins.”


Help us spread the life-giving teaching of the Voice for the Voiceless curriculum which addresses women’s health issues, baby development, and abortion, while weaving the Gospel throughout and offering the hope and forgiveness of Christ.

These practical materials move vital information to the grassroots where lives hang in the balance. Help speak up for the most vulnerable who have no voice.

* One new VFV language translation costs $300.

* One set of “real-life” baby models costs $175.

* 12-week-old rubber baby models are 10 for $5.00.

* One year of training (reaching 3,000 people) costs $3,500.

Suggested Donation: $175

Share in the Cost: $20


Recommended Price $175.00

The Arise Home – India

“This past year we competed in an art contest. We traveled to some amazing historical sites in India. And we enjoyed continuing our schooling, though some older sisters are graduating each year (3 in 2019). We love Jesus.” – Mina, Arise Home Little Sister


10/40 supports the 20 girls (ages 9-17) who reside in the Arise Home. Rescued from dangerous situations, they now thrive in a loving environment. Through U.S. partners, 10/40 provides them with the foundation of Christian education. You can support a girl’s education for a month ($59), a year ($708), or longer!

Suggested Donation: $150

Share in the Cost: $59


Recommended Price $150.00

Warm and Cozy Blankets

Newborns need soft receiving blankets, and this past year we have needed quite a few! 


Praise the Lord for the brave women choosing life and staying at the Crown of Beauty Maternity Home in Nepal.

Many have enjoyed these cuddly blankets, and we have a need for more. Wrap up a newborn with this soft gift!

Suggested Donation: $10


Recommended Price $10.00

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