gc11. Equip Church Planting Leaders
“How can I have a clean heart?” Sonu (dressed in the white shirt, near the window) asked. “I have tried to follow many other gods, but none could give me the peace I have searched for.” Soon after his inquiry, Sonu and 7 others gained a clean heart through the Prince of Peace and joined a “house church” that meets in a school.

The Apostle Paul also inquired, “How can they hear unless someone preaches to them?” Help us equip message-bearers for the least reached. Why not gain an inheritance among the least reached by equipping an entire batch of church planters?

Cost for training one church planter for a year is $100. We hope to equip 200 church planters in 2016.

Suggested Donation: $100

Enter Donation Amount: $


gc22. Multiplying Goats
Load up the goats! Help support a church planter’s family with a small herd of 4-5 goats. You can help start a goat farm which will produce an ongoing source of income for church planters. Goats multiply quickly and the demand for meat remains high. A mature female goat costs $55. A male goat costs $40. A pair costs $95.

Why not start a herd (or two)?!

Suggested Donation: $95

Enter Donation Amount: $


gc33. The Arise Home – India
“We must meet with other Christians! We must!” the girls pleaded. “Who is the one telling us we cannot?”

The past year the CWC (Child Welfare Council) increasingly pressured our local partners, telling them the girls in their care cannot attend any church! The girls were furious. Their persistence eventually paid off and they continue going to church. Just for good measure, the older girls lead a collective daily devotion. Their confidence is now soaring, and each child is also maturing well in school.

Rescued from dangerous situations, these 23 girls now thrive in a loving environment. You can support a girl’s education for a month ($59), a year ($708), or longer!

Suggested Donation: $708
Share in the Cost: $59

Enter Donation Amount: $


gc44. Plant Vitamin Trees
Vitamin trees give it all! Nutritious food, medicinal value, and creative access. In the midst of dire poverty and restriction, some of our brothers and sisters have an opportunity to assist in planting orchards in North Korea. The profit from these trees supports an orphanage of 300+ children.

One vitamin tree costs $25.

Suggested Donation: $25

Enter Donation Amount: $


gc55. MegaVoice
In a remote village of China…“The women down in the valley have the little machine (MegaVoice). Can we have another one for the men who cut trees on the side of the mountain? We love to hear the stories of Yesu.” Millions of people want to hear about Jesus, and our co-workers use these key media tools, especially among oral learners.MegaVoice – A water-resistant device (the size of a cell phone) loaded with digital recordings, costs $50.

Suggested Donation: $50

Enter Donation Amount: $


gc66. Speak Up for the Voiceless
45-year-old Ramdevi admitted with tears, “In my innocence, I killed my baby of two months. Nobody told me that it is a sin and counsel me to repent; but today, I realized that I have done great sin against God. I am a great sinner.”Help us spread the teaching of the Voice for the Voiceless curriculum which addresses women’s health issues, baby development, and abortion, while weaving the Gospel throughout and offering the hope and forgiveness of Christ.These practical materials move vital information to the grassroots where lives hang in the balance. Help speak up for the most vulnerable who have no voice.

One set of “real-life” baby models costs $150.

Suggested Donation: $150
Share in the Cost: $20

Enter Donation Amount: $


gc77. Save Little Ones with Little Things
Babies and blankets. Before they are born, babies often live in great danger. But holding a small rubber baby model, powerfully affects their mom’s understanding of the design of life. (These tiny babies are distributed through Voice for the Voiceless seminars.)

Once they arrive, babies need soft, warm blankets as they settle into their mother’s arms. This cuddly gift communicates God’s love. “Welcome to the world, little one!”

* 12-week-old rubber baby models are 10 for $5.00.
* One baby blanket costs $10.

Suggested Donation: $10

Enter Donation Amount: $


gc88. Raise Up Leaders with a Seminary on Wheels
Pakistan needs Jesus! But it will take an army of empowered Jesus-loving Pakistani Christians to reach them. Christians living in remote villages of Pakistan need solid Bible training and leadership development. Enter “Seminary on Wheels” which accesses isolated Christian populations and helps equip them to reach the majority population.* Equipping 120 house church pastors for 1 year costs $6,000 ($50/mo).

Suggested Donation: $150

Enter Donation Amount: $


gc99. Help Stop Human Trafficking
“My ‘auntie’ lied and tricked me, but after I was rescued at the border, I decided I would help to catch the bad people, so they can not hurt other women.” (This past summer the same young lady helped capture 2 key traffickers!)Each year, traffickers bring thousands of young Nepali women into India. At the surveillance centers co-workers ask questions, provide information to young women, work with police to arrest traffickers, and help rescue many before their lives are lost.* One month of border surveillance costs $600 (with 3 full-time co-workers).
* Starting a new border for one year costs $9,500.

Suggested Donation: $600
Share in the Cost: $100

Enter Donation Amount: $


10. Jumpstart a School / Feed a Child
Many children in the slums of Mumbai live in serious deprivation, with little access to education, medicine, and healthy food. For $11.00 a month ($132/year), a child can receive a hot mid-day meal, medical check-ups, pre-primary education, and spiritual input. As Christian teachers meet the children’s needs, they also share the Gospel with parents and as a result the teachers start many house churches which help sustain the school.One school for one year costs $4,000 and includes: one teacher, one assistant teacher, daily meals for 30 children, school supplies, facility rental, and medical check-ups.

Suggested Donation: $11

Enter Donation Amount: $


gc1111. Provide Sewing Machines
Sewing and friendship go together. How? For women who rarely have a chance to socialize outside the home, sewing class offers a chance not only to learn job skills and increase their family income, but also to visit with other women in a safe environment. As we establish sewing centers, entire communities open up to the Gospel.*One sewing machine costs $100.

Suggested Donation: $100

Enter Donation Amount: $


gc1212. Medical Camps for Cataracts
Cataract camps in North India bring tangible benefit to the patients and open doors for the Gospel. The gift of sight is a beautiful present!“I am happy to serve my respected fathers and mothers and help them to see again,” shared Dr. Singh (who volunteers his medical services for the cataract camps).* $32 covers the cost of one person’s cataract surgery, medicines, food and travel expense.

Suggested Donation: $32

Enter Donation Amount: $


gc1313. Sink a Tube Well
“We had 5 wells nearby, but 3 were totally dry and the other 2 were fully contaminated and unhygienic. This new bore well gave our community of 850 villagers much relief. We receive so many benefits through it, including keeping our women safe.”Installing a bore well for $884 gives access to clean water for villages of 500-1000 people. Village leaders gladly open doors for the respected church planters who then share about the “living water” of Jesus.* This year we hope to install 20 more water wells.

Suggested Donation: $884
Share in the Cost: $221

Enter Donation Amount: $


gc1414. Clothe a Child for School
The girls in the hostel love their clean and pressed school uniforms tailored just to their size. For only $6.50 you can provide a child with a new uniform for school.

Suggested Donation: $6.50

Enter Donation Amount: $


gc1515. Care for Orphans in China
Local Christian churches in China care for little ones without families. Many of the children have physical difficulties.

$50 a month provides food, medical care, shelter, physical therapy, and the love of Christ for orphans in China. Join God in His concern for these children!

Suggested Donation: $50

Enter Donation Amount: $


gc1616. Provide a Place for Training
Help us build a launching pad to the hurting and least reached! A new training center in Nepal will provide: vocational skills for rescued women, discipleship for new believers, seminars to equip church planters, and house our cross-cultural workers and teams. One of the most tangible needs are beds to sleep in.

*We will need about 20 bunkbeds at $120 each.

Suggested Donation: $120

Enter Donation Amount: $


gc1717. Help Build an Infrastructure
Two-year Nexus workers will live among the least reached, learn language and culture, mobilize US churches, and engage in bold, sensitive frontline evangelism. While these co-workers will raise their own support, 10/40 Connections requires a number of foundational pieces to make the whole process run smoothly.Infrastructure provides the sustainable backbone for field workers and includes items such as computers, software, IT upgrades, office furnishings, and administration assistance. These vital behind-the-scenes aspects of mission help make the frontline possible.· Computers and IT upgrades – $5,000
· Office furnishings – $2,500
· Admin assistance – $25,000

Suggested Donation: $2,500
Share in the Cost: $250

Enter Donation Amount: $


gc1818. Relieve the Devastation of Natural Disaster
The recent earthquakes that shook Nepal caused massive structural damage and loss of life. Entire villages were flattened. Roads, electricity, communication, food supplies, and possessions were wiped out. In Jesus’ name, local Asian Christians can distribute food and emergency packets that include rice, lentils, utensils, blankets, and plastic tarpaulins.

One emergency relief packet for a family – $35

Enter Donation Amount: $


gc1919. Raise Awareness through Drama
Crowds gather by the hundreds on dusty streets where an acting troupe depicts a tale of human trafficking. Using both humor and serious facts, crowds gain understanding about the reality of this travesty, how to recognize the crime, and make good choices to keep young people safe in their communities.

One 30-minute street drama reaches 300-500 people and each performance costs $100.

Suggested Donation: $100

Enter Donation Amount: $


gc2020. Reconstruct a Face
Baby Muthu was born in a remote Indian village in extreme poverty. Her dad a farmer and her mother a housewife, cried with desperation at her birth. The local villagers considered little Mathu cursed because she was born with a cleft lip and palate.

Thankfully, Mathu’s ingenious uncle had a cell phone and sent a Whatsapp message to a surgeon who works with some of our Indian partners.

Soon a life-transforming surgery, along with prayer in Jesus’ name, set Muthu’s family on the path toward hope.

Facial surgeries open relationships with many people that have never heard of Jesus. A $500 procedure can bring a family hope and tangibly transform a future.

Suggested Donation: $500

Enter Donation Amount: $


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