Our living faith finds its solid reference point in the unchanging character of God as revealed in the Bible. As stated in our core values, “10/40 seeks to allow biblical standards and godly integrity to form the basis of our practice, realizing that God’s kingdom culture stands above all human cultures.” (Isaiah 55:8-9, Matthew 6:9-10)

As an interdenominational organization, 10/40 CONNECTIONS, INC. and its employees affirm the Lausanne Covenant, the Manila Manifesto, and the Cape Town Commitment. In 1974, members of the International Congress on World Evangelization, representing the Church from more than 150 nations, agreed upon the following statement of belief called the Lausanne Covenant.

This covenant demonstrates the unity of believers from multiple nations, beginning with the statement:

“We, members of the Church of Jesus Christ, from more than 150 nations, participants in the International Congress on World Evangelization at Lausanne, praise God for his great salvation and rejoice in the fellowship he has given us with himself and with each other. We are deeply stirred by what God is doing in our day, moved to penitence by our failures and challenged by the unfinished task of evangelization. We believe the gospel is God’s good news for the whole world, and we are determined by his grace to obey Christ’s commission to proclaim it to all humankind and to make disciples of every nation. We desire, therefore, to affirm our faith and our resolve, and to make public our covenant.”

About Us

10/40 Connections enables people from least reached areas of the world to hear of Christ by empowering believers to engage through both the spoken word and tangible service, who then become catalysts for Christ in their own communities.

VFV Testimonies

Nepali Testimonies on Vimeo.

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10/40 Connections is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization.

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10/40 Connections is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization.